customer service is so wild i m seeing so many stories and i feel it so much like there’s this dude who comes in all the time talking about what type of soil he wants for his weed as loud as possible and he wears a moo moo w no pants or underwear so a good 3/4 of the time his junk is unfortunately in full view…… then there’s the lady who came in, asked for a wheelchair to shop in, and then proceeded to take a shit on it before giving it right back….. the lady who threw a cactus at me and then demanded she get it for free because there was blood on it and it was damaged (my boss actually made me give it to her lmao) and the girl who regularly comes in frying on acid and gets lost in the garden department or locks herself in the bathroom………. also special mention to the guy who spit a giant wad of gum into my register because i couldn’t run his debit card as credit and he had to pay cash

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u think just because it’s pink n cute n shit it’s not gonna do anything? ok go play on it and see what happens. I ain’t gonna help u when that nasty ass demon drags u into ur basement. see u in the afterlife

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Stupid! Cut that out! It’s embarrassing…

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kissingfractures I got em at this really cheap store for like 2.50 a pair but they’re normally 20 bucks for 2 :// the brand is xoxo

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i got it in a living room when i was 17 and it desperately needs to be touched up thanks though

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110% the most comfortable underwear on earth I bought 8 pairs

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no shade but all the Gucci’s were ugly as hell……

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